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Choose from our ever growing stock of ready to order customized hoodies and sweatshirts, over al print socks, embroidered hats, coffee mugs,embroidered shirts, dresses and skirts, t-shirts and tank tops, leggings, posters and canvas prints, back packs, all over shirts, phone cases, sport bras, throw pillows, tote bags, embrodered aprons, beach towels and swimwear. You may purchase our customized products, or you may choose to have any of our products personalized as yu wish! Can't decide on the perfect gift for that special someone ...? Why not Buy eGift Cards! They are available for immediate FREE delivery or may be scheduled up to a year in advance.

Free shipping for all orders of $100 CAD or more. We have rolled the taxes into our prices so the price you see listed is the price you pay at the checkout ... no surprises!

How to sign into your accountPreviously, we used the traditional way for customers to create an account or log in to it. Customers needed to enter a login and a password. Now we’ve come up with a new up-to-date method for login using a link.Here is how it works: click the "Sign in" link just above and right of "Welcome to Boomers Boutique", enter your email address and get the link for signing in from your email inbox. When you click the link, you will be taken back to the storefront and you are logged in.Logging in by a link has a number of advantages:· You don’t need to remember passwords.· After an order is placed your account is created automatically for the email address used.· You can see all the orders placed with your email address in your account.· This is a more secure way of logging than using a login/password. Since the login link is sent to the email address, only the owner of the email address is able to log into the account.

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